Don’t just tell it, show it! Want to explain something fast, easy and in a memorable way? Explainers are the way to go. Visualise the most complex processes and subjects in a fun and understandable way.

We can develop a custom style or build further upon your corporate identity. Through storytelling and the right visual appeal we can make sure your animation stands out and the information stays with your audience.



What is it for?


Explain & Clarify

Want to explain and clarify your findings, processes or services? An explanimation is the fastest and easiest way to explain complex matters and to make sure that the viewers remember them.



Tell your story to the world and empower your brand. We tailor our animations to seamlessly fit your brand identity. We will make sure your story is relevant and that your enterprise is visually appealing for the strongest effect.


Stand out

Get noticed, visibility of your brand is everything. Creating a world around your corporate identity and telling a great story not only gets you more visibility, it creates trusted followers and brand ambassadors.




For Facebook and BCG we visualised their marketing research into an understandable and fun to watch 3 part animated series.


We created a 3D animation for Leapfrog to present and explain their flagship 3D printer the “Creatr HS” and got over 650k views on Youtube.


We helped eWarehousing explain their service in a unique style. Minimizing calls to their help desk while reinforcing their brand identity.