With a monthly subscription you can wash your car fast and easy by scanning your license plate. This project was postponed but we would like to share our process and some early tests we did.

Concept Art

Concept art is a form of illustration used to develop ideas and designs. For this project we started on paper after which some of the designs were digitally colored.

Look Development

With visual development we will determine the final look of the animation. We will produce styleframes of the animation. A style frame is a single, full-color frame that reflects the final aesthetic of the animation.


We created a storyboard that details the visuals and storyline for the animation shot by shot. In the storyboard each scene is designed and the progression of the story is visualised. After this we animated the storyboard to create an animatic. With the animatic we determined the timing to get a closer represention of the final product.



Client: Kenteken Wassen

Animation: PHUNK