For the launch of the Lucky Minute app, PHUNK Animation Studio was asked to create a commercial from start to finish. We had a blast creating a short film featuring living chairs and the problem they face when they are suddenly unreserved. (9).gif (8).gif


Character Design: Iskander Mos

VFX Supervisor: Giso Spijkerman

Character Rigging: Johan Boekhoven

Character Animation: Serge Lenaers

Color grader: Georgi Tsobekhia

Rotoscoper: Timon Missoorten

Client: Lucky Minute

Written and Directed by: Iskander Mos

Executive Producer: Akis Karamanlis

Director of Photography: Georgi Tsobekhia

Composer: Richard Ram

Sound designer: Sam Huisman


Daughter: Linde van Dorp

Baby: Sarah la Vos

Waiter: Gustavo Ruben Velanzuela

Father: Mario Calame

Mother: Pauline Schilder


Huib Iserief

Liesbeth Simons

Corinne de Haas

George Youhanna

Karsten Missot

Marcel Michel

Georgia Tsimaraki

Lennart Klein

Rianne Lourens