Hi Hoshizaki! This is your personal page. All progress of the project can be followed here.


Latest versions of deliverable can be downloaded here.

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Production Plan - View

1. Story and Concept - coming

2. Styleframes - coming

3. Storyboard - coming

4. First Version - coming

5. Final Version - coming

1. Story and Concept

Based on the information about your product and process we will develop a story and concept. This will be delivered in a separate document.

Delivery: Fri, 3rd May

2. Styleframes

A style frame is a single frame or image that determines the overall look of the animation. We will provide several styleframes per animation to make sure the look and feel is exactly like you want it to be.

Delivery: t.b.d.

3. Storyboard

Based on the agreed upon story and concept we will develop a storyboard. This is the first visual translation of the story. This will communicate each step of the animation before it is produced.

Delivery: t.b.d.

4.First Version

This is the first moment where you get a complete animation. The quality is not representative of the final quality but all the visual elements are in place. This is a very important feedback moment. The last adjustments can be made before the final render is started.

Delivery: t.b.d.

5. Final Version

The final version with implemented feedback will be delivered in specified file formats.

Delivery: t.b.d.

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